Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].

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A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].
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Packer, Katherine, fl. 1639.
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page 43
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FSL collection
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43 ^ 132 A medecine for a rume in the eyes S Take a peck of Rye and grind it very small Anod it with faire water make a loafe of it bake it. take it very hott and cutt of the Crust then slice it thin and still it and wash your eyes with it 133 To make well Rosarium Take red roses before they are blowne abroad 3 ounces of good hony 9 ounces & Lett them be boiled together in a soft and gentle fire it com forteth the stomak, mund if yeth and is a diggestiue of flegmatack matter ^ 134 A Cordiall Gelly P Take of China roote boiled halfe an hour hartshorn new shaued one ounce and halfe of the shauings, of Ivory a quarter of an ounce, a pint of barley water & halfe a pint of good white wine put these together in a pipkin close couered and sett it to infuse in hott Ember 12 hours then lett them boile very gen t ly couered vntill the halfe be consumed or more, then take it off lett it coole and seale the China being taken out it will be a gelly the harts horn and Iuory will sink to the bott o me. ^ 135 A Iulep of Barley water P Of the clearest of this Barley water take a pint, a quarter of a pint of white wine, 3 ounces of sirrup of Lemonds, 2 spoonefulls of vinegar 4 or 5 spoonefull of sugar finely beaten a handfull of Bourage flowers or a spoonefull of the water of Bourage, put all these in a pott with a couer and sett it in a pott of boyling water. halfe an houre or more then take the water lett it coole and settle then keepe it for your vses. ^ 136 A medecine for the cough of the Lungs P Take halfe a peck of turneps and boile them in faire water vnpared and boile them till they be soft then bruse the liquor out of them into a pipkin and p u t the liquor an handfull of vnsett hysope and boile it in the Liquor while the strength of the Isop be come forth then strane it and sweeten it with browne suger candy drink thereof a reasonable draught morning & Euening at 4 of the Clock in the afternoone Luke warme
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