Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].

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A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].
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Packer, Katherine, fl. 1639.
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page 61
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FSL collection
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61 and about 2 houre after a light supper take nothing in an houre after the takeing there of vnless it be a little posset Ale made with Licarish Annisseede or rosemary and by the grace of god it will doe good. ^ 214 To purge the stomack, flegme & choller P Take a quart of water an ounce of good sceny a spoonefull of annisseede as much of fennil seede a stick of Lickarish sliced boile them together from a quart to a pinte then straine it and boile halfe a l of currance in the liquor till it be somewhat thick and eate 2 spoonf ulls at morning and 2 at night 215 ^ To make Almond milke P Take a hand f full of french barley, wash it in 3 waters, then take 3 pints of running wa ter a little endiue and one succary, burrage, violet leaues and strawbury le a ues leaues leaues in all a handf ull a good stick of Licarish well scraped and bruised a good handf ull of raisins of the sonne stoned [boile them] boile them together to a quart then straine them, and put it [hem] into a bason till it be cold then take an handf ull of the best garden almonds blaunch them and grinde them small, straine it into the barley water, put it into a bason and put thereto a good peice of suger, a little rosewater and soe drinke the same ^ 216 For the stuffing in the Lungs P Anoint the brest with the oile of sweete almonds and the oile of Lillies mixt together, and lay theron the wool that growes in the flanck of a sheepe basted vppon a linnen cloth.
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