Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].

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A boocke of very good medicines for seueral deseases, wounds, and sores both new and olde [manuscript].
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Packer, Katherine, fl. 1639.
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page 62
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FSL collection
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62 ^ 217 To purge the stomack from all greefes P Take 3 handf ulls of wormewood, seethe them in a quart of milke till it come to a pint then take out the wormewood out of the milke not straineing it, and as hott as you can make it into a cake, wrap it with a cloth and as hot as you may suffer it put the cake vppon your brest laying in your bed; this medecine will enforce you to spit greene as the very wo r m e wood and purg stomack espetially if you for beare you supper 218 T o make oile of Swallowes S Take an handfull of topps of rosemary, one handfull of lavinder cotten, one, handfull of vnset wild time one handfull of running strings of staburies one handfull of French Mallowes put all these into a morter with 10 or 12 swallowes almost ready to fly with the fethers an all, beate them soe all together that one fether may not be perceived, and during the time of beateing put in att sundry times almost a p oun d of May butter when it is through beaten put it into an earthen pot and boile it an houre ouer a soft fire then bind it vp close and sett it vpon in a close Place for 10 dayes, then boile it 3 quarters of an houre with soe much more May butter this being done straine it in a canuass cloth and put it into a cloth 229 For a swelling in the mouth S Take halfe a pint of white wine and hal fe a pint of plantine water 2 ounces of sirrup of Mul beries an ounce of hony of roses mingle them well together and wash your mouthe with it often
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