Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 30 verso || folio 31 verso (top)
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FSL collection
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*A soveraigne drynce agaynst the pestylence Take of sorrell water, and as much dragon water a dram of put there to a dram & a halfe of powder Imperyall give it with[all] ale within xxiiij houres after he is infected & codes [g] eare escape and doe well / * A playster to drawe an hede to the sore & to breke it rootes, one hanfull of sower drowe ij hanfuls of mallows of lynseede stampe all these together small, & bwoyle it of the lees of wine till it be thycke, then laye it like vpon leather broder then the sore, and lett the borders ther be playstered with Cordyers wexe; to make it cleave, lyinge ffourth the both in xij howers and breake it shorly: * A medicine to be druncke suspecttinge any to have the playge Grate onion and the core of him beinge taken oute, fill the good treakell of Ieue & wrap the same with paper, and it be softe, then strayne the same with a lyttell beere and beinge tempred with a quantytie of suger give to dryncke ij sponefulles fastinge & yf the patient be the plauge you shall perceve the apperaunce thereof within after the receyte of the same dryncke./: * Also for the vsuall dryncke of every patiente beinge in fettedd. rosemarythe quantytie of eyght or nyne Croppes, then take beinge Browne within, of Burnett & of Burage, of hanfull, lett them be sedd in a quarte of stale ale then put in to itt a cruste of Bredd, a lyttell whole quantytie of suger, and lett him dryncke the same at all lyinge [the] his syckins and put pimpernell in his broth: * A preservation agaynest the plauge & for the avoydunge of the in fection savery the quantytie of a hanfull and boyle the [quantytie] quarte of good Wine Vinigeere with a sponeful beinge beaten and putt into the same: then dryncke the [quantytie] of suger euery morninge fastinge * A good meadysyne agaynste the plauge Bytony water the quantytie of iij sponnefuls, of good wine sponnefules and the quantytie of a nutmeg, of good folio 31 verso (top) 31v top 84 lady Gostons medicines against the plague Note: The beginnings of some words are cut off, these gaps have been filled in were possible.
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