Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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image rotated 90� clockwise
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 31 recto
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FSL collection
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31r D Burg^es water for the plag^ue Take iij pints of Malmesie and boyle therein of sage of rue of each an handfull vntill a pint be consumed then straigne it and sett it ouer the fier againe, then putt to it a penny worth of longe pepper and halfe an ounce of ginger and a quarter of an ounce of nutmegs all beaten together and lett it boyle a litele and then putt to itt 4d of Metredate 2d of treacle Angelica water a quarter of a pinte. Keepe this as youre life a boue all wordly treasures take it [allwaise] allwaies warme both morninge and evening a spoonefull or 2 If you be allreadie infected one sponfull a day is sufficient halfe a spoonefull in the morninge and halfe a spoonefull at night In all the plague time vnder God there [is] was neuer man woman or Childe deceaued This is not only good for the Common plague called the sicknis but allso for the smallpoxe mesells or surfitts and divers other kinde of diseases. / You may haue this water readie made at the APoticaies right over greate St [T]ellin[g]s gate for 2s 6d a quarte. /
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.