Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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image rotated 90� clockwise
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 32 recto
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FSL collection
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* Rue a handfull: mynsed small Angellica Rootes Sedoaria./ Cloues. Cubebes All them beaten small of each 4ee Drames Camphire iij scruples beaten with the rest ./. All these infused in a pottle of good wyne veneger putt together in a glasse with a Narrowe mouth Close stopte. And once in a day shaken together the longer they stand the better it is: wett a sponnge with the cleere veniger and smell there to./. If at any tyme a man shall find his heade to ake his sperritts heavie, and his stomacke ill. and botheringe meate Lett him not fayle the next morninge lyinge in his bedd to drincke fastinge this Drafte / Take of Cardans water about a penny pott full and [v]disolue therin methridate of the best the quantity of a hasillnutt and Drincke it off and soe lye still with ordinary bedclothes vppon him and about 2: howers after drinke a good drafte of possitt ale as hott as hee may endure soe lett him lye and swett, and beinge in sweatinge at the least page break ve howers ever and a none drinckeinge warme possit ale and after the tyme of sweate drye him with warme clothes and putt on cleane lynnen and soe by degrees coole himselfe vntill hee be in his ordenary former temper, which may be aboute three howers And keepe himselfe for that day out of the ague and eate some warme meate as he liketh ./ And that night after supper to take as hee goeth to reste 2. pylles of Pillulae pestilentialls each of them of the biggnes of a lardge pease the next day it may bee they will give stoolles ./ 32r
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.