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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 33 recto
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FSL collection
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* Though there is noe one sure or generall way other to prevent the sicknes but keepinge far from infected places and persons, much lesse any certaine waie or generall to cure all, yeat vsinge ordinarie good meanes there is better effect founde. than where those meanes are not vsed. That which I have vsually given and advised for prevention is that makinge a mixture of conserves of red roses and wood sorel of each iij ounces and on ounce of Andromacy treacle I give every morninge the quantety of a large filbert or litel nutmeg of this mixture and cause them to drinke a draught of posset drinke after it with good store of sorel boiled in it and a fewe slices of zedoarie and angelica roote of both together the weight of vid or viijd And when the party beginneth to complaine we give a grote weight of mithridate or the former treacle in a draught of carduous or dragon water and cause the sick party to swete after it [th] an hower: the swete beinge dried with clothes and the bodie quieted we give broth made with borage bugless: sorel [may] and marigold leaves or flowers and so againe after page break six or viij howeres, causing them to swete oute in a day as beefore: many declininge treacle or mithridate where the feaver is stronge ^give as much of the confection caled confectio & hyacintho or such like as of mithridate When the sore cometh hardly out we many times applie cup= pinglasses to helpe drawe it out: or a plaster of galbanum: or yf it offer it self well, a like roote rosted and a tosted figg or to, with a fewe elder budes stamped together some mixinge a litell turpentine and a litel yoalke of an egg with them: the sore being thus ripned and opened, or eles yf this doe it not speedily we advise to open it with a lancet, or caustick ^ it beinge ripe and drawe it as an ordinarie sore or bile keepinge it open till the corruption be spent and the party well in his health: you are to note that [may] many times we are dewe to varie in owre advise accordinge the quality and condition of the plague, and the distemper and acci= dentes that doe accompany the sick: but this is the ordi= narie and a good waie. ffor my Ladie Pittes
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