Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 33 verso (bottom) || folio 34 recto
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FSL collection
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folio 34 recto 34 * Sir! As in moralitye it is sayd omne beneficium petit officium every benefitt is obligatorye, and binds to some thankfullness; soe (for myne owne part) I think him nothing rellishing of goodness that is not as seriously conformeable in the retribution of a curtesye (though he come short of a full recompensing abilitye) yet quatenus ad potestatem, in some kind or other) as he is earnestly sollicitous to receave one. Therefore (having long run vppon the seeming score of forgetfullness) I have at length made bold to present you with this litle token of gratitude for your favors vnto me, that hereby you might be satisfyed that they cherish not a drone, or one vnflexible to industrye, but one, rather by the hand of Fortune, hitherto necessitated to want imployment, then diligence. Neither was it for me (till now) to propose my selfe a constant course, or expect assistance from others, whilste the perverseness of that generation, into which: I was by marriage fallen was soe great and continuall to blemmish, and preiudice me and in nothing to benefitt, or releeve me; soe that I may well say, If theyr indulgence to doe me good, had countervaild but the tenth part of theyr eagerness to ruine me; I might long since have gained the worlds good opinion, and preferment answerable. But I submit the consideration of my crosses and troubles by them throwen vppon me, to the omnipotent God and the revenge of his iustice; in whose providence, I trust I shall allwayes find support from oppression, and supplye of necessaryes both for me and myne, and by whose favor and blessing vppon your health, I hope the continuation of your favors towards me, for which: I will not only press my pen to be thankfull, butt allso all my facultyes, and remayne Yours in what I may doe you service Richard Blundell 51
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