Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: A book of choice receipts collected from several famous authors a great part in monasteries and often experimented as to a great number of them [manuscript].

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A book of choice receipts collected from several famous authors a great part in monasteries and often experimented as to a great number of them [manuscript].
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Sheppey, Thomas, fl. 1675.
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ca. 1675
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page 134
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FSL collection
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The prices. orientall pearl 18. d , Crabs eyes. 1d . red corall 2d . white amber 3d . harts horn 1/4 d . Orientall bezoar 6d 10sh Crabs claws 6d . The whole composition 3 13 sh. 1s. farthing : for which you may expect 2 ounces and 5 drams, allowing about 2 drams for waste. The ounce will stand you [som] in something less then 13 d 5sh the dram at 3 half pence 7d . The Apothecaries prices, The ounce 40 sh . dram 5. sh . graine. a penny ./ This powder may be prepared at a farr lower rate, for the poorer sort, & for ought I know, more Effectually; thus: in stead of Prientall pearl, take Occidentall, and pro- bably the finest sort of Mother of pearl, exceeds either. ie, if prepared as it ought to be. In lieu of Orientall Bezoar take Occidentall: which being much cheaper, doth not so much incourage fraud ul ent people to counterfeit them: & therefore certain occidentall Bezoar, is to be preferred before the uncertain orientall: But what if the Bezoar be wholy left out, & double the proportion of pearl that is putt in; where is the damage? So that the dram of Gascoignes powder, will come under 3 halfpence . Idem./ X A True receipt of Gascoigns Cordiall powder. Rx raggs of pear or seed pearl, red corall, harts horn, white amber, of each a like quantity, being all severally beaten to powder & searced through a fine searce. Then take as much Crabs eyes, and tops and toes of the clawes, as of all the rest of the powders, for it is a main agent in the Work. beat & searce them as you do the rest. Beat them severally & take as much more of the Crabs eyes & claws, as of all the rest: mix them together & make them up into balls, with jelly of hartshorn, wherin you may infuse some safron more or less, as you would have them colourd: let them ly till they be fully dry and concocted, then use them on Occasion. If you can gett the crabs before they are boyled, it is much better; they must be in season: that is in May or September. The powder finely scraped with a Knife may be taken in a spoonfull of Dragon or Carduus water, or any other Cordiall water or posset drink, 10 grains at a time for a Man or Woman: 2 graines for a yong Child. It prevents the small pox, or setts them from the heart: It is good in all violent feavers, poysons, plague, Agues, trembling or passion of the heart. It preserves from diseases & infections: it lasts long & decayes not. Note The stones that are taken from the eyes of Crayfish are the right crabs eyes. MS. L. Byr ./
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