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Cookeries [manuscript].
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late 17th century
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page 96 || page 97
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FSL collection
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96 or some shread Nutmegg and a little sugar, then - set it on the fire and when it boyls up, take it - of and let it stand till it be pretty cold, then - take six Eggs beat & break 'em, and be sure to take out the Cocktreads and then mix your ale and Eggs together, and sweetned with good sugar to your tast, set it upon the fire keeping it - continually stirred, and when it boyls up and is thick to your likeing take it off the fire & serve it up. To make a Sack Posset. Take a pint of sack half a pound of sugar fifteen Eggs Yolks & whites strained, mix 'em alll together - then take two pints of New milk and one of cream set it over the fire with a Nutmegg quarter'd in it to boyl, then take your Sack & set it over a soft fire keeping it stirring all the while, it must be no hotter than you can abide your finger in it, Then take - your Milk and pour it on hott, and clap a pye plate on it for half an hour, Your milk must boyl all 97 the while your sack is on the fire, pour the Milk on thro' a Tinn Funnel and it will froth on the top, this will be a good posset tho' you use ale in Stead of Sack, if the Ale be strong. Another Calves foot pudding Take two Calves Feet tenderley boyled mince 'em - small and grate a penny lofe & put to it, beat - six Eggs very well and mix with it and some Beef = suet shread small, some Currants and a little salt and some Nutmegg Grated, and some Marrow and sew it up in the Kell of the Veal, then tye it up in a Cloth and boyl it two hours, The sauce for it must be thick butter and Juice of Lemon and Sugar. To make a Tart of green Plumbs. First let the plumbs be in Warm water till the skins - will pill off, Then pull the skins off and throw 'em into warm Water and cover 'em with a linnen Cloth that - will be the compass of the pan within that it may -
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