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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 41 verso || folio 42 recto
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FSL collection
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is alloweable, provided that (for the most part) it be such, as is of a thinn, and opening qualitye. for thick wines, as Galen reports (in his booke, de alimentorum facultatibus the 3d.) as they nourish more then others, soe above all others doe they cause obstructions, filling the veines with thick blood. drink is in this disease soe necessary, and behoofefull, as Galen is of opinion. 1 de locis affect: cap: 6. that the sick is not to suffer thirst, but to drink largely. by reason that moysture is necessary for the assistance of the expectoration, or bringing vpp of the humor, which is by dyett and phisick made apt to be avoided. But this freedome is not generall, for at meales drinking is not to be permitted in full measure or great draughtes, [bein] by reason that the belly being thus as it were doubly filled, is subiect to swell and puff vpp, and soe oppress the meanes of breathing; for indeed when the food receaved into the body is made [to] liquid with much drink. it is subiect to be [to swell] stirred, and passed to and fro, to the great disturbance of concoction. 16 folio 42 recto 42 hereby then it appeares that thirst is in some measure is rather tollerable at meales, then satiety or fullness of drinking to be permitted, and this indeed may the better be observed, forasmuch as recompence may be made, with a more plentifull allowance, after the concoction of the meat. Sleep should in this case be vsed, only in the night: butt If through custome and weakness it cannot be refrayned in the day, yet should it be short, and performed with the head, and brest a litle elavated, or raysed vpp, and If possible to be avoided to soone, or suddenly after dinner, or supper. As for excercise, there can none of any violent sort be ordayned, least thereby the humors be to much stirred, and vrged vnto the further oppression of the parts affected. walking, or some gentle motions before meales are very good and laudable; butt all troubles or anxiousness of mind through business, or thoughtfullness, and anger, grief, and such like are to be avoided. 17
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