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Cookeries [manuscript].
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late 17th century
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page 228 || page 229
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FSL collection
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228 Gather your Goosberries dry when they'r at the full - bigness before they begin to turn, & then pick 'em and put 'em into a pan with a little spring water & sett 'em over the fire, & stirr 'em with your hand, & let 'em stand till it be too hott for your hand to be in it. then put 'em into a Sieve for the water to drain - from 'em & bottle 'em very close & tie Lethers over 'em bottle 'em up hott, & Cork 'em close To bottle plumbs. Take your plumbs before they be too ripe, dry 'em with a Cloth & put 'em into Bottles, & cork the Bottles close up, & tie Leathers over 'em & set 'em into a pan & wipe 'em fast with hay or Straw, & put as much water into the pan as will reach to the bottle necks, & sett 'em on a fire and let 'em stand till they be too hot for you to put your hand into the water and let 'em stand in it till they be cold & so use 'em. A Lumber pye Take Sheeps Tongues & pallats, & Lambs Stones & sweet herbs, 20 balls of forct meat scorcht Collops 229 Chickens & Rabbets, boil your Tongues & pallets tender then season 'em with Mace, Nutmegs pepper & salt, - then the lare of one & the lare of another, Then put in 20 pound of fresh butter & so use it. - To make a pumpion pie. Take a pumpion pare it & cut it in thin Slices, dip it in beaten Eggs & herbs shred small & fry it till it be enough then lay it into a pie with Butter, Raisins Currans sugar & Sack, & in the bottom some sharp apples; when 'tis bak'd butter it & 'tis ready. Sauce for all sorts of Fish. Take Vinegar 3 Oisters minc'd Nutmegs, Onion & an anchovy a Lemon pill, so boil all together; - Then put in what butter you please, & Garnish your Dish with Barberries, & Sippets of White bread. To stew a breast of Veal. First bone it, skin it, & season it with Mace - Nutmegg, pepper & salt, then roll it up like brawn
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare's World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.