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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 42 verso || folio 43 recto
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FSL collection
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folio 43 recto 43 *A breif Treatise towchinge the preservacion of the eyesight Consistinge partely in good x order of dyet & partely in vse of medycynes Occasioned thoroughe certayne speches had with somme of myne honorable good frendes to wryte myne opinion of means to preserue the sighte in good integryty I haue performed the same in this litle pamphlett wherein I haue dyrected my penn rather to leave rules for those which haue not in them selves suffycient knowledge then to satisfy the lerned who I know canne devise muche better means and remydyes: And my intent beinge onelye to sett downe somme order as may be fyttest for all sortes of men to contynue in perfecion there sight I thought not good to inserte anye discourse of the dyseases of the eyes which will require a longe treatis & cannot well be executed but by men which haue skyll in the arte of phesicke: therefore it semed mete vnto me at this tyme to omytt that parte and to leave the reader for the knowledge and Cure of suche diseases to the professors thereof by whose helpe they may receyve remedye of all infirmytyes and affectes, which shall happen to the eyes: purposinge in this litle trestis onelye to declare how the sight might be contynued in his integrytye, by suche Common order as maye of all men in their trade of lyef be resonablye followed leavinge all other harder matters to a farther dyrection of the lerned And now followinge the laudable custome begunne in anncyent tyme & contynued in theis our dayes of presentinge our frendes with new yeres gyftes for lacke of other thinges of greater pryce I offer vnto you this litle pamphlet as a signification of my good will wishinge that the same maye be a token of many good & prosperous yeres which god the gyver of all goodnes sende vnto you./ 1586 your lovinge frende Walter Bailye 152
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