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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 44 verso || folio 45 recto
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FSL collection
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The Rape & Turnep or Rape roote & the Navew roote are aboue all other noted for exellencye to preservue the sight: and to that purpose manye doe preserue with suger those rootes & eat them as sucket./ ffruictes Peares The moyst kynde of fruictes are hurtfull to the sight: yet Apples peares and the better kynde of Apples may be eaten with ffigges the powder of eyebright or with fennell sedes thynlye Reisons incrusted in fyne suger: ffygges ar verye good not onlye ^for the sight but also to open skoure and to clense the brest, lyver, Nuttes stomacke & kydneys so are reasons which haue a speciall property to strengthen the lyver: nuttes are verye evell Dates for that they doe fill the head: the walnuttes more tollerable then the hassell nutt Chestnuttes ar very wyndye better frendes for venns then for the eyes dates are not commended nor Mulberyes. confectes Confectes made with fyne suger & thynlye incrusted about with turnep seedes & Navew seedes fennell seedes Annis seedes almondes, pynaple kyrnells ginger Cynamon the powder of eybright &c ar[e] reputed a very good Drinkes means to preserue the sight likewise in the preservacion of the sight, amongest other thinges suche drynckes as ^ar Beare in Common vse & ar to be allowed therefore he that hath byn vsed to drinke bere maye not forsake the same & so Wyne. in ale In this respect it is not amys to dryncke wyne at meales for them which haue byn accustomed to the same althoughe wyne in some affectes in the eyes is forbydden yet to preserue the sight wyne is not incon= venyent, for the vapors of wyne are dryenge, clere, abstersyve & doe consume & extenuate grosse and thicke humors so yt be moderatelye taken In this place I doe greatlye commende their Counsells which do prepare medicy=nall drinkes medycynall drynkes with eybright & other thinges comfortable for the sight to be vsed in the morning 4 folio 45 recto45 and at meat yf the pacyent can well endure so to drinke the same our authors herein ar verye ingenious some addressinge drynkes with one thinge some with another The symplest & most wryten of is of the herbe called of drinkes made with eybright the Arrabians, Adhill, in Latyn Euphragia in Eng= lishe eybright, of whose miraculous vertues in preservacion of the sight Arnoldus de villa nova hath wryten in Arnoldus de villa nova theis wordes eybright is good anye waye taken eyther with meat drynke or medycyne, grene or drye against all ympedymentes of the sight whereby the clerenes of the prais of eybright for the sight the same may be obscured And he wryteth thus of wyne made with eybright which he calleth vinn evphragiatum this wyne sayeth he is made by puttinge the herbe in the muste or new wyne vntill the same wyne become clere to be dronke Eybright wyne by the vse of this wyne olde mens sightes ar [become] made younge of all degrees specially in fatt men & suche which do abounde with flegme One (sayeth he) which was blynde and did see nothinge in a longe tyme by vsinge this wyne one yere was restored to his sight. The herbe is hott, and drye Eybright taken in an egg and hath by propertye of substaunce, to remove the affectes of the [eyes] sight And so the powder ^of the herbe taken in an egge or dronken in wyne doth wonderfully performe the same And there are yet alyve (sayeth he) witnesses of good credite which haue made proofe hereof in them selves which colde not read without spectacles by vse hereof haue recouered their sight to read smale letters And so Arnoldus concludeth that nothinge to doe good to the sight is to be Compared with wyne made of eybryght yf the wyne be to stronge he Counselleth to allaye the same with fennell water and to that intention you may also add suger./ In Countryes which for their Common drynkes vse wyne and water they alwayes doe myngle thinges for the sight in wyne & not in water for wyne in truthe is a fytter lyquor to receive the qualities & to carrye the same to the eyes then water which thinges they doe put in the muste and so let it stande vntill the wyne be rype & ready to be droken and so do vse yt. 5
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