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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 45 verso || folio 46 recto
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FSL collection
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Eybright may be vsed in beer Ale or meade Notwithstandinge in other Countryes which haue other vsuall drinckes, the same thinges may be put in their Common drynckes So some haue put them in ale, some in beare, & somme in mead and no doubt but all theis means ar verye good accordinge to thusage & disposicion of the partye for even in this our Countrye they which eyther do vse or by constitution of bodye may well beare the drynkinge of wyne may well compound the same with thinges good for the sight: others of hot complexions and drye, not greatlye accustomed to wyne, maye of ale, beer & meade make suche drynckes because in theis northe Countryes ale, and bere are the vsuall & Comon drynckes and in some places meade also is much vsed therefore in myne opynion it is convenient for most men to make their drynkes with bere, ale, and meade, rather then with wyne: and mead assuredlye is ^a verye Convenient thinge for them which can awaye with honye./ how eybright wyne may be vsed Touchinge the dyrection of those which haue byn accustomed to dryncke wyne I doe nothinge doubt but that they maye without offence beare suche drynckes for the sight Compounded with wyne to take a draught in the morninge, especiallye yf they delaye the same with the distylled water of fennell accordinge to Arnoldus Counsell And for this purpose the vse of eybright [or] ale or bere theise maye be made, of verye good white wyne, and the thinges may be myngled in the Countrye where the wyne doth growe, notwithstandinge in that our most vsed drinck with meat ^ys [or] ale or bere theis are convenyent to receive theis thinges for the sight, and absolutelye better then yf you like to dryncke the same with meat as our authors doe Counsell: which ale I thinke better to be made with a ale made with grout groute accordinge to tholde order of brewyinge And so the thinges for the sight maye be sodden in the groute or otherwise put in the drincke when it is nerely clensed 6 folio 46 recto 46 and put into the vessel in which it is tunned to be kept that in the workinge of the dryncke in the vessell the Eybright meade vertues and qualityes of the thinges may be drawne and receyved into the same: when theis thinges ar Compoun= ded in meade, then the same are sodden. with the honye in suche order as other herbes ar sodden which they make metheglyn I thinke yt best to begynn with the symplest order to compound the quanti-tye of the eybright to the drinke ale or bere to eche mans best lykinge with eybright onelye takinge to euerye gallon of the drynke a great handfull of of the herbe & bynde it, together, & put it rawe & thyne Tynsell of silke & so tye the same by a strynge to the topp of the vessell that the herbe maye hange in the myddest of the drinke, not to lowe in the groundes nor to hye in the barme, beinge put into the dryncke when it is newlye clensed let all worke together vntill the drynke be clere and rype to be dronken accordinge to the Common vse, and then you may drinke of it at pleasure in the morninge fastinge & at meat also yf you will and canne well like thereof, and most men may like [to] drynke of it bycause this herbe dothe yeld no vngratefull taste but rather with a pleasaunt sapour dothe Commende the drynke, it were not amysse to avoide wyndenes, to ffennell seedes every handfull of the herbe to add ij drames of fennell seedes well dusted and a litle brused. As I doe put theis for a more proporcion to begyn withall that the stomacke be not at the first offended with the strangnes So after a tyme ye may encrease the quantitye & put to euerye gallon of drynke too handfulls of the herbe, wherein ye may best be dyrected by the taste that the herbe shall yelde in the drynke In the winter spice may be added season you may also add some spyces, as ginger whole mace a few cloues, nutmegges Cynamon & make as it were bragget ale which drynke besides that it doth preserue and clere the sight will also helpe digestion clense & cut flegme and broke wynde. / 7
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