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Letter from Walter Bagot to James I, King of England
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Reports having investigated Otiwell Bradbury's debts and found them great. All creditors agree to small regular payments except Ralph Sleigh, who claims 70. Bradbury was ordered to pay him 7 a year, but when he tendered the first payment late, Sleigh refused, saying he would prosecute. Also, another letter to an unnamed cousin, ca. 1610. Asks him to certify Sleigh's refusal to abide by their order, putting Bagot's name also to the certificate.
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ca. 1610
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leaf 1 verso
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FSL collection
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Cosin I am importunately required by this bearer our old sutor that you and I will certefie the refusall of Sleigh to stand vnto our order which I wold haue drawen my self but that I dare not committ yt vnto his hand es vnder my hand only least hee shold deliuer the same in that maner vnto the M aste r of request es and therefore doe requier you to vse my name vnto yt for I am as well by others as by this bearer informed that Sleigh is very obstinate in the refusall And so hartely commending my selfe vnto you I rest. In all assurednes yours Walter Bagot that your Maiestie maye many yeares raigne ouer vs in all happines./ Answer to Bradburys petition
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