Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 49 verso || folio 50 recto
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FSL collection
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ys well washed prycke yt in many places & fill the same with grayne of pepper, and infarre the lyver with the leaves of fennill & eybright then rost it with a softe fyer clere, not smokye vntyll it be reasonably rosted: and in the tyme of rostinge receyve the lycor which doth distyll in a Convenient vessell and applye the same to your vse./ Avicenna in his third fenn and third booke and fouerth treatis, Cap: de debilitate visus aboue Collerium de fellibus all other thinges doth commende the medycyne called Collerium de fellibus for that yt clenseth the poores of the eyes, clereth and conserveth the sperites, Mundyfyeth the moystures or waters of the sight as you may read in Avicenna in the foresaid place. Inwarde medycynes. Medycynes to be taken inwardly ar in nomber manye but I thinke best at this tyme to mention A powder for the sighte a few which are easy to be had [and] and as of great efficacye most Commended. And [so] of such the powder followinge is most symple yet by experience appoved of suche force that manye their sight haue byn decayed haue by the vse of it receyved againe the same perfectly: the powder is this made Take of the powder of eybright fouer ounces of Mace one ounce myngle them together and take thereof the weight of three pence before meat Montanus in his 92 Counsell gyveth ^great praise of a syrope against the decaye of the sight thoroughe weak= nes and dymnes of the same which he compoundeth 14 folio 50 recto 50 thus take of the yuices of fennell of vervayne of of roses of eche too ounces the leaves of the herbe eybright of endyve of Cellendyne of ech halfe a handfull boile the herbes in too pyntes of water, vntill halfe be spent: then strayne it hard and myngle the yuices with the decoction and with suger accordinge to arte make a syrope which is to be kept in a glasse vessell. you may take ij ounces of this sirope in three ounces of the water of eye= bright in the morninge fastinge In wyndye bodyes he maketh the siropp thus: Take of fennell seedes of Anysseedes of eche iij ounces of the herbes eybright of vervayne drye rose leaves of eche iij handfulls of Cellendyne one handfull of Ruhe a handfull & an halfe boyle therein water vntill halfe be consumed: strayne it harde and with suger syropyze the decoction both theis syropes are excellent good to defende the sight from dymnes./ Mesue in his book called Grabadyn wrytinge An electuary to preserue the sight./ of the diseases of the eyes aboue all other medy= cynes extolleth an electuarye vnder the name of hummayn as havinge noble vertues to preserue the eyes and contynue the visible spirites in their clerenes which he compoundeth thus: Take the herb Adhill that is eybright too ounces, fennell seedes fyve ounces, mace, Cubebs, Cynamon, longe pepper, cloues of eche one ounce beat all into a powder serse yt then take of good honye clarified one pounde of the yuice of fennell boyled and cla= rifyed one ounce of the yuices of Ruhe and Celendyne 15
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