Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript].

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Receipt book [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1600
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folio 50 verso || folio 51 recto
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FSL collection
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both boyled and claryfyed of eche halfe an ounce boile all to the height of an electuarye, and then put to it the powders accordinge to arte & so reserue yt in glasse vessells. you may take hereof the quantitye of three ounce in wyne as Mesue wryteth: yf wyne seme to hote you maye alaye it with fenyll water or with eybright water; yt must be taken in the morninge fastinge and you ought to forbere the takinge of anye thinges by the space of three houres, and so at night, but then you must take a light supper & supp the more tymelye. distilled Waters Where in this litle treatis mencion is made of distylled waters I wishe the same to be artificiallye donne in styllitoryes of glasse that the qualityes of the herbes maye remayne in the distylled waters. And therefore I doe not allowe of the Common manner of distyllinge in styllitoryes of lead by the which the waterye partes onelye are drawne. / 16 folio 51 recto 51 Note: Mesue was a 9th century Arabic Physician
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