Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Staveley, Jane, 17th century.
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page 4 || page 5
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FSL collection
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(4) To Make Queen Cakes Take one pound of fine flower & one pound of loaf suger beaten & sifted Mix these together & set them before the Fire to dry, one pound of Currants washed & dryed take eaight egges & foure of the whites beat in with them too spoonfulls of sack & too spoonfulls of Rose water, one Nutmeg grated & a grain of musk finely bruised if you please, beat a pound of butter with your hands till it is as white as cream, then put in your flower suger & egges to your butter beat them well together with your hands then put in your Currants & butter your pans your oven must be as hot as for Manchett, after you have put them in the pans scrape a little loaf suger on them thay are baked in half an houre thay are very apt to scorch when thay are enough they will rise & fall again Iceing for a Cake Take a pound of duble refined suger, finely beaten & sifted, put to it five whites of egges beat them together continualey the longer then beat it the whiter twill be perfume if you please with Ambergreice when the cake is Cold spread on thick with a knife & set it in the oven again till it is dry be sure the oven be not hot enough to culler the Iceing in the least half a pound of suger will make Iceing enough for the Queen cakes Allmond Cakes take a pound of Allmonds blanched & beaten pure fine, beat a pound of duble refined suger wet it with water till it is thin enough to boyl & boyl it till it haires then take it ofe the fire till tis a little cool, stir in the Allmonds & squees in the iuce of a Lemmon drop them neare as largh as a crowne peece drop them on plates set them in a very cool oven or in the Sun to dry, when thay are allmost quite dry take them ofe with a knife/ Mackeroons Take a pound of Allmonds blanched & beaten very fine with Rose water take 3 quarters of a pound of double refined suger beaten & softed mix your Allmonds & suger to gether; then put 3 or 4 whites of egges whisked up to a stif froth then drop them on wafer paper & bake them in an oven as hot as to scorch a paper then put in, to try the heat, put your wafer paper upon double cap paper if you have not tin plates page 5 (5) To Make Puff Cakes Take half a pound ^of butter, iust out of the churn wash it clean from the Buttermilk let the last water tis washed in be damask Rose water then take half a pound of pure fine flower mix some carraway seeds dry in the flower what quantity you please then pull the butter short in the flower then put in too yolks of egges & too spoonfull of Ale yeast pulling it continually till it become a perfect past role it in what shapes you please as thick as a crowne peice have readdy half a pound of double refined suger beaten & finely sifted, sift half of it on them iust as their goeing to the oven the other half iust as their drawne thay must have a pritty quick oven but not too hot least they burn when they have done hissing they are enough To make Cracknells Take 4 ouncis of flower 2 ounce of white powder suger one ounce of butter the yolk of an egge a few carraway seeds mix these all to-gether & role them very thin & cut them out in what shapes you like, then take the yolk of an egge beaten with a little rose water & wash them over with a feather prick them very much, you must bake them as plates & take them ofe whilst their hot Savoy Biskits take a pound of loaf suger beaten & sifted & three quarters of a pound of flower well dryed take eaight egges leave out halfe the whites beat them well up with a whisk then beat in with your whisk your suger then the flower put in some coriander seeds & a grain of musk bake them in Tin pans in a quick oven Hollow Allmond Iumballs Take a pound of blanched Allmonds beat them very fine with a little rose water take the white of an new lade egge beat to a froth, then put it to the Allmonds & beat them a little together put to it a pound of double refined suger sifted & make it in a past then make them in to little cakes & Iumballs lay them on double cap paper with white & some suger strewed on it doe not lay them too near to gether bake them in a temperate oven
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare’s World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.