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Letter from Walter Bagot to unidentified recipient
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Essex has taken into his hands the Stowe tithes, which William Trew had leased and which are now the chief estate of Trew's widow. Bagot wants satisfaction for his sister.
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ca. 1605?
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leaf 1 recto
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FSL collection
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L.a.117 Sir I was at your howse yesterdaye desirouse to haue spoken with you ^Towchinge [concerninge] a matter that much concerneth the greatest p ar te of a poore widdowes estate (my sister Trew ). It hath pleased my L ord of Essex to take into his hand es the Tythes of the p ar ishe of Stowe which by your lease you graunted vnto my brother her husband for diuers years yet vnexpired and hath receaued the p ro fitt es thereof boath this yeare and the Sommer p re sedent. My sister by petition hath required s om m e satisfa cc i on for the p ro fitt es allredie receaued and the remaynder of her est ate and hath receaued answere from my L ord that hee is credibly informed you graunted the lease vnto my brothe r Trew for an hundreth pownd es lesse then was offered by an other in respecte my brother did p ro test yt shold bee to my L ord his vse whensoeuer hee shold requier the same and that otherwayes you wold not have graunted any such lease vnto him. and therefore no farther considera c i on to bee expected then to apportion the fyne accordinge to the time vnexpired Now Sir my request is it will please you first to call to rememberance the time when the lease was made, secondly the state of Chartley howse at that time, and therdly the last couenant in the lease co n cerninge my sister and her children [what causes would you more then these you] [I doubt not that you can well remember] and then that it maye please you in some few lynes to signifie vnto mee whether that inform ac i on heretofore geuen vnto my L ord bee credible or not. My Sisters resolution is to referre the same and her whole estate to the ho nora ble consider ac i on of my L ord yet desireth his L ord shi pp maye bee truly informed hereof [ that the truth may ap p er e vnto him And ] that the malitiose infor- mations of her aduersaries maye receaue their iust desert ether to bee true or false. which can only bee censured by your selfe what private matters have passed [by] betwixt my brother and you I [praye] [you will] by p ro test ac i on (yf there haue bin any) I praye you will not conceale for I desier nothinge but the playene truth whereof I shall neauer doubt ether from your mouth or hand And so Commendinge my assured loue vnto you doe rest Your assured freind
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