Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family [manuscript].

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Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family [manuscript].
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part 3.
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Mallett family.
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ca. 1700-1740, 1882
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page 84 || page 85
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FSL collection
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out of the Small Pox & measles. It is good ag ains t a feaver, & preserves the lungs, and is a good remedy ag ains t a surfet, taking 2 spoonfulls for a man, & one for a Childe. - To make Conserve of Woodsorell, for any feaverish disorder . Take 1. pound of Wood-sorel, & 3. pounds of the best loaf sugar, beat them in a mortar, till they come to a pulp, then add an ounce of Dia- -scordium, & as much Mithridate, half an ounce of Venice Treacle, & 1. dram of Safron, Pound all these to- -gether till they are well mixed. Give to a grown Person as much of th i s conserve as a Wallnut, to a Young or 85 weak body as much as a large Nut- -meg, 3. nights Successively, going to bed, & drink a Tea dish of Small Cor- -dial water after it. You must lye a little warmer than usual. - A Receipt to make Ink . 2. Quarts of prick'd wine. 8. Ounces of Galls. 4. Ounces of Copperas. 2. Ounces of Gum Arabick. You must bruise the Galls coarsely, & put them in, let them infuse near the fire 24 hours, strain it & put it in to your bottle Then put in your Copperas & gum powderd by drying it before the fire on a plate, and then pounding it in a mortar. - See afterwards, in th i s book, another Receipt to make Ink. -
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