Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family [manuscript].

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Cookery and pharmaceutical recipes of the Malet family [manuscript].
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part 3.
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Mallett family.
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ca. 1700-1740, 1882
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page 120 || page 121
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FSL collection
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To make a Pinte of Ink . Take two ounces & half of Galls split them small: one ounce & half of Hungary Copperas: one ounce of Gum Arabick. Put all into a Pinte of Rain water, in a bottle, & shake it every day for a week, till it is dissolved, then put in a glass of Red wine. - See before, in this book, another Receipt to make Ink. - Lady Moors drops for a Cough . Take four ounces of the finest flower of sulphur, to a pinte of the best oyl of Turpentine, digest it twenty daies in a hot horse dunghill, pour it off, and keep it close stoppd for use. N ota B ene It is a most so- 121 -vereign remedy for a cold. To make use of it you must take seven drops in some white wine whey at going to bed. A strong constitution may take wine. It is advise- -able not to take it upon a full stomach. This Receipt was given me by Wat- -kin Williams Esq uie r March. 19. 1735/6. who had it from L or d Nowel Somerset . The Drops ready prepared are sold by M r Chace an Apothecary near Golden square .
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