Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Letter from John Whitehead, London, to Sir Matthew Wentworth, 2nd bart.

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X.d.428 (162)
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Letter from John Whitehead, London, to Sir Matthew Wentworth, 2nd bart.
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Suggests a marriage between Sir Matthew's son and one of Whitehead's nieces. Describes the various nieces and their fortunes. He has taken his wife and daughter to London, so "that they may see this Famous Citty." Seal intact (slightly damaged).
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1675/6 March 14
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p. 2
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FSL collection
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as the Genuine effects of that Great hono ur & respect I have for you; And if I thought your son were inclinable to visitt the west Country I durst assure him a handsome welcome; and if I could hope it; I would protract my journey on purpose to serve him; Or if hee or you would take some time to Enquire into the Particulars of w ha t I have related; Vpon the least su m m o ns I would take a stepp into England to promote soe desireable a designe; I am just returned to London with wife and daughter s , that they may see this Famous Citty and am ready to leave it; But if you pleas to hono ur mee with a line or two, & direct it to y e Peacock in Little Brittaine London , I a freind there that will take the Care of Conveing it to mee My wife & daughter present theire humble servise; And if there bee any thing wherein I may serve you either in England or in Ireland ; whither I am now hastening, but shall visitt all these freinds I am speaking of; by the way; You may freely Co m m a und Dear S ir . Yo ur most affectionately faithfull serva nt John Whithed . London this 14 th of March 1645./
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