Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].
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Part II. When reading Part II, Part I is inverted and reversed.
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Staveley, Jane, 17th century.
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page 16 || page 17
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FSL collection
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16 Solid Syllabubs - / Lady Colvile Take a Tea cup full of White Wine and sweeten it to your taste, first rubbing the sugar till sufficiently flavoured with the rind of Lemon washed clean - Put a table spoonful of Brandy to this and add to it a Pint of the thickest Cream. Froth this well, with a Chocolate Mill or Whisk, and when well done lay it with a spoon on a Sieve to drain. It will be better it left there a day and night. Then sweeten some more white Wine and flavour it with a little Lemon Iuice. With this fill your Glasses about half, or one third full and fill them with the Cream. These Syllabubs will keep some days. Siberian Crab Cheese / Lady Colvile Fill a Iar with Siberian Crabs, tie it down with bladder, and stew them in Water till they are sufficiently tender to press through a fine hair Sieve. To a Pound of pulp add a Pound of raw white Sugar, and boil them together till they are the consistency the pulp was before the Sugar was added. page 17 17 Milk Punch - / Mrs Marshall / To a quart of new Milk, put cloves and sugar to your taste, let it boil gently, then add the yolks of three Eggs well beaten with half a Nutmeg grated, stir it till it boils then pour it our and add a quarter of a Pint of Rum. Take great care it does not caudle, and don't drink too much. To make an Omelette ./ Mrs Gore / Take five Eggs- beat them lightly together a very small quantity of shalot chopped fine-parsley and a few Mushrooms. To be fried without turning When done add a little Sauce. Scouring Drops / Lady Moorsom One ounce of pure Essence of Lemon, two Ounces of fine and strong spirits of Wine, mixed together rub the spot with a piece of Flannel dipped in the Liquid A very strengthening Medicine 1 Oz. of Bark & 1 Oz. of Snake root put into a Bottle of Port Wine. Shake it well, then put it to stand upon the Hob by the fire for 24 Hours Take 2 Wine Glasses a day for some time, one at Eleven or twelve, the other at 4 in the Evening You may begin with half a Wine Glass full at first.
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