Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Jane Staveley [manuscript].
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Part II. When reading Part II, Part I is inverted and reversed.
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Staveley, Jane, 17th century.
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page 18 || page 19
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FSL collection
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18 To make Lemon Cheese Cakes. Mrs Miller / Grate the rind of 8 Large Lemons, and squeeze the Iuice of one, and add to them 1/2 lb. of fine sugar, 12 Yolks of Eggs, and three Whites well beaten. Dissolve 1/2 lb. Butter in 4 or 5 spoons =ful of Cream; mix all together and set it over the fire stirring it till it is pretty thick; then take it off.- Put a thin Paste into your Patty Pans, and when the Cream is cold fill the pans about half full. Half an hour with a quick oven will bake the Cheese Cakes. To make Ink - 1 Pint of soft Water - 2 Ozs. of Nutgalls bruised pretty small. 1 Oz. Gum Arabic 1/4 Oz. Roch Allum. 1 Oz. of Copperas, clear, rocky, and green. Put them together in a large stone Bottle or earthen Pot with a narrow Mouth to keep it from Dust. Shake or stir it once a day, and add a large Spoonful of Brandy to keep it from Mould. page 19 19 French Soup 19 A Sheep's Head and Pluck to a Gallon of Water- boil it till reduced to half the quantity. a small tea cup full of Pearl Barley 6 large Onions = one Turnip one Carrot a bunch of sweet herbs and a few Cloves. Strain it off and let it stand till the next day Season it to your taste add Mushroom Ketchup and thicken it with Flour and Butter. Cut the Head into thin slices the same as for Calf's Head Hash. Forcemeat and Egg Balls with white Wine will make it little inferior to Mock Turtle
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