Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 3: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Longe, Sarah, fl. 1610.
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ca. 1610
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page 14 (folio 10 verso) || page 15 (folio 11 recto)
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FSL collection
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14. with a cloath and a dish, and soe lett them stand till they are cold, then sett them on the fire, boyling them gently till you thinke they are halfe boyled, then take them of, and let them stand till next day, and then boyle them up, but put them not into your glasses untill they be cold. note If you please you may make your water that you melt your sugar with all to be halfe of pipins. To sun the Apricockes. Boyle greene pippins in water, and when your liquor is strong of the pippins then straine it out and use the liquor instead of water for preserving the Apricockes. To preserve Damsons. You must preserve damsons eaven as you doe Apricockes, but take a pound and quarter of sugar, to a pound of damsons, and take noe other liquor but halfe a pint of water folio 11 recto 15. 11 To preserve greene Apricockes. ffirst gather your Apricockes before they have any stone in them with the stalkes one, and waigh them, and take to a pound of Apri- cockes a pound of sugar, then take a skillet of faire water and make it boyle, and put in your Apricockes, and make them boyle, till they have lost their Colour, then take them out of that water and put them into another Skillet of water that boyleth, and let them boyle till they be tender, and take them out of the water againe, and put them againe into the other water, and sett them on a few Embers, and lett them simper till they come to their Colour againe, and then take them up, and beate your sugar very fine, and put it in your preserving pan, and lay in your Apricockes, and take a little of the liquor and drop upon them all, and soe preserve them. To preserve Quinces Red. Take a pound of quinces ready pared, and Cored, a pound and halfe of lofe sugar, a wine pint of water, and make your liquor, and keepe a quarter of a pound of sugar out to straw upon them
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