Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book [manuscript]

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Receipt book [manuscript]
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Hutson, Beulah, compiler.
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circa 1680s
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front endleaf 2 verso || page 1
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FSL collection
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... 1 To Make Paste Royall Mix a little Nuttmeg and Cinamon into two pownd of flower, halfe a quarter of a pownd of Suger, then Rub in halfe a pownd of butter, breake in two eggs, and make it into paste, with Shery Sack and Creame, and roule in a pownd of butter more, and tis fitt, or you may only rubb in a pound at first, and it will doe as well line divider 2 To make paste for a Pasty Rubb fiue pownd of butter into foureteen pownd of flower, then breake Tenn or Twelue eggs, and make it into paste, with Cold water, and it is fitt for use line divider 3 To make White Puff paste Rubb a quarter of a pownd of butter into two pownd of flower then put in two whites of eggs whipt to Snoe, make it into paste with Cold water, and rowle it in a pownd of butter more line divider 4 To make an Umble Pye Parboyle the umbles of a Deer, and Shred them Small with as much of the Deer Sewett as Umbles, Season it with a little Nuttmegg and Salt, A glass of Sacke, the Iuice of a lemmon or two, halfe a pownd of Suger, as many Currants foure ounces of Candid lemmon and Cittron Cutt in Slices mix all together, and it is fitt to fill your Pyes line divider
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