Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 3: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Longe, Sarah, fl. 1610.
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ca. 1610
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page 38 (folio 22 verso) || page 39 (folio 23 recto)
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FSL collection
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38. boyle it till it comes to a sirrope, after Cooling, then put in your pouders, stirring it well together, and soe keepe it in a gally-pott if you please a yeare to- -gether. A pouder for a weake back which never failes, approved of by Lady Parsons. Take the kernells of Acrons, white- -archangle flowers, or for want of them Pomegranette blossomes, red Corall, and amber, of each halfe an Ounce, Sugar candy, an Ounce, powder them all very fine, and drinke as much of it morning, and Evening in beere as will lye upon sixpence, if the flux be very great, then drinke it with this distilled water. Take muskadine 3 pints, the inward pith of the backe of a young bullock, a quart of creame, a quarter of a pound of Dates, 2 ounces of mastick, brused Plantaine, and knott grass, of each 2 good handfulls, steepe all these together in a bason, covered a day, & a night, then put it into a glasse, folio 23 recto 39. 23 still and distill it in hott water, this water with this pouder will stop the flux of the whites, eaven the runing of the raines, and restore any weake back. To stay the whites, and runing of the Raines, Mr Aires. Take a quart of water, put into it one Ounce of Anniseeds, and boyle it to a pint, then straine it, and devide the liquor into 3 parts, and into it one sponefull of the Iuice of red mint, and soe drinke a mornings cold, and nights warme for a weake or longer if you please, you must make the Iuice of mint fresh every day, & if you put a sponefull into your water it will be the better. Mr Triplett's Receipt for the Ague. Take 3 Gallons of Aqua-vita, put into it halfe a bushell of red poppy flowers, lett it stand a day and a night in a glass well stopt, then straine it
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