Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Manuscript cookery book containing more the four hundred and fifty recipies. [manuscript]

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Manuscript cookery book containing more the four hundred and fifty recipies. [manuscript]
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ca. 1675-ca. 1686
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page 34 || page 35
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FSL collection
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34 To make oister chewets Perboil your oisters in fair water, draine the water from them and mince them as small as py meat. season them with pepper and salt a few cloves and mace, a little cynamon & ginger, and sugar & a little saffron then stone an handfull of raisons in the sunne and six dates and mingle them with your meat, make your paist with flower yolks of eggs and fair water, and put butter in to the coffin of each of them fill them and lay on the tops prunes dates sliced, and small raisons a little baking will serve and when you draw them put into each of them two spoonfulls of vinegar and butter A spinage tart x Take spinage and boile it tender in fair wa ter beat it small with the edges of two trenchers as you would chop herbes drain them through a streiner with the pap of two or three roasted pippins, season it with cyna mon ginger sugar and rosewater, and the juice of a Lemon, put into it a little sweet butter and soe let it boyle upon a chafin dish of Coles to take its seasoning kind to the tart being ccut out and dryed, spread the stuffe on the bottome, scrape sugar on it and scrape two or three spinage leaves on the side of the dish to know whereof the tart is made. A Goosbery Tart Take a pint of Gossberies three quarters of a pound of sugar, a quarter of an ounce of cynamon, and a little rosewater and bake it. 35 To make a Cherry Tart. Take a pound of cheries and stone them put them in to a coffin of paist season it with halfe a pound of sugar and a little rosewater two or three slices of white ginger & bake it. To make Taffaty Tarts Make your paist with the yolks of two Egs some butter broaken into the flower and cold water, roul your paist thinne, then take green goosberies and put them into a Skellet of hot water, cover them close, and let them stand a quarter of an hour or more shift them 2 or 3 times to make them keep green, roul out your paist thin, and cut som suckets & green Citron in little peeces, and lay them between every laying of goosberies and strew sugar on your berries, three layings of goosberries is enough make them like a sheet of paper folded in folds. To make a Quodling Tart Shift your Quodlins two or three times till they will peel and put them in to the coffin with good store of sugar and rosewater cover it with a lid cut in holes bake it and Ice it To make an Apple tart. Take 2 or 3 Quinces pare and quarter them and put them into a dish or stewing pan & stew them a while with good store of sugar, then take your pippins, pare Core and Quarter them and put them to your Quincies and let them stew togather, with whole Cynamon bro ken in little peces with some cloves and a pretty deal of sugar let them stew close covered as you do apples, put rosewater to them, and and
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