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Manuscript cookery book containing more the four hundred and fifty recipies. [manuscript]
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ca. 1675-ca. 1686
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page 38 || page 39
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FSL collection
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38 in small peices put to them a peice of whole cy namon, and 6 spoonfulls of rosewater, and halfe a pint of claret wine, bake them in an oven with manchet, draw it through a streiner, season it with cynamon ginger and sugar and keep it in a gally pot all the year To make a tart stuff of Rice Pick your rice and wash it clean, boil it tender in new milke from the cow, put to it thre or 4 new layd eggs of spoonfull of rosewater, season it with cynamon ginger muske and sugar bake it in a close Tart and Ice it. A Marprum Tart. Take the curds of a Quart of milke bruse them as well as may be, take a good handfull or more of sweet marjorum, as much ginger some yallow beets, and a little parsly, chop them as small as may be mingle them withe curds and flower or five yolkes of egs and 3 whites some rose water a little beaten nutmeg and little pepper some sugar and halfe a pint of cream mingle them and beat them well togather, stir halfe a pound of butter or lesse, and buter your dish very well, make your paist with sweet butter a little rosewater, and fair water, rolle all throw two thin sheets, of paist and put one in the bottom of the dish put in the stuffe and take the other sheet, and cut it out in narrow sheetes with a spur, lay them first one way not thick, then lay them crosse the other way and presse the egs close to the brimme and cut them off with the spur, lay little peices of butter on the top then take it and strew some sugar upon it. 39 To make a Creame tart Set your cream on the fire, and let it boyle, then break your Eggs to the quantity of flower and when you have beaten it very well, put it to your creame and stir it till it be enough, then put it into a broad dish, that it may cool, then put in some butter and stir it togather till it be almost cold, then season it well with sugar, put the coffin into the oven to harden, put in the cream bake it & scrape sugar on it. To make an Egge Tart Take the yolkes of 10 eggs and a quarter of a pound of sweet butter, beat them together in a morter with sugar for your tast, for a quarter of an howr, lay a fine paist in the dish and put in halfe the stuffe, then slice some green Citron very thin, and cover it with that then lay on the other halfe of your stuffe and lay thin leavs hear and thene upon it to bake it. To make a Lanchashire Egge Pye . Take a quart of cream with cynamon Ginger nutmeg mace two or three cloves whole, set it on the fire and when it tasteth of the spice cool it than strein it with a quarter of a pound of almonds blanched, and finely beaten with rosewaater, and the yolkes of eight or ten eggs well beaten, season it with sugar and bake it with a pot of water and when it is cold stick it with suckets or sliced dates To make an Almond Custard . Take a quart of Cream boil it with large mace and nutmeg let it cool blanch them fine with a quarter of a pound of almonds, beat them fine
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