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Receipt book of Sarah Longe [manuscript].
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Item 2 of 3: Main text, rebound separately by conservator.
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Longe, Sarah, fl. 1610.
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ca. 1610
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page 62 (folio 34 verso) || page 63 (folio 35 recto)
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FSL collection
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62 To make China Ale. Take 2 bushels of mault, and make a firkin of ale out of it, then take 3 quartars of a pound of stoned Reisons and halfe an ounce of China, root sliced and halfe an ounce of Coriander ^seede, a blade or two of mace, 4 cloues boyle all these 2 houres, and when it is almost cold worke it up with yest, & lett it stand 4 or 5 days in the vessell, then botle it, putting into every botle a good lumpe of loafe sugar, Let it ^be well cork't. To make marmalade of Pippins Take of the best Green pippens one pound, as much of the best loafe sugar beaten, then as you pare the pippins put them into water, then take them out, and chop them, till they be very small and slice them from the core, then shred in lemon pill to the quantity of halfe an one, it must first be boyled tender, then put in your pill, and, 3 quarters of the sugar, with 3 or 4 sponefulls of water, into a skillett, then let it boyle quick, and as it boyles strew in the remainder of the sugar, at severall tymes, and a sponefull of faire water in the midle of the boyling then a litle before you take it of the fire, squeze in the iuice of 2 lemons, and a muske comfitt, when it cometh from the bottom of the skillet it is enough folio 35 recto 63 35 To Preserue gooseberrys To 3 quartars of a pound of gooseberrys, take 19 ounces of sugar, slitt them & stonne them, and cut of theire heads leaving but short stalkes uppon them, put them into cold water as you stonne them, then beat the sugar very fine strew some of the sugar in the bottom of the skillet, and then lay in the gooseberrys one by one, with their slitt sides downeward, and then strew in more sugar uppon them and put in halfe a dozen sponefulls of water, when the sugar be dissolved, then sett them uppon the fire being a very quick one, and lett it boyle up to the top of the skillet then take it of the fire, and strew in more of the sugar that was left out, then cover it up close with a plate, and lett it stand a small tyme, till the boyling sugar be fallen downe, then sett it uppon the fire againe, as you did before and boyle it up againe, this doe severall tymes taking them of and setting them on againe till they be enough, and lett them be covered [till] ^when they be of the fire make experiment of but one quartar of gooseberrys and sugar proportionable at one tyme
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