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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 14
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FSL collection
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14.) A wash for the face good. Cos. Wightwicke Rx a q ua r ter of a pound of french Barly, boil it in 7. or 8. q ua r ts of water a little, then putt that water away, & take 8. q u ar ts more of water & boil the barly in that till the water is very slippery, then strain out the barly & let the water stand in a clean pan till next day, then take a q ua r ter of a pound of bitter almonds & beat them with some of the water, & strain it out, th en beat the almonds again with more of the water, so doe till you have gott all the goodnesse out of the almonds, & that your water looks white; th is quantity will make ab ou t 7. q ua r ts; besure to blanch your almonds before you beat th em, then putt a quart of brandy & the iuyce of 4. lemmons into it, so stir it together & bottle it up. P ro bat um . Of Papers. The best paper is the french, none to Compare to it t'will Keep the longest, & indiff eren t ink will not eat into it W h er as the best ink will in time turn Yellow on Dutch paper Bec ause : they make their paper with Salt water. which has oper a tions on the Copperis in the ink. How to Know french paper it is a Smart Sort of p a per, closer & evenner wrought by far then the Dutch or German, hath a firmer Substance. If you hold it up to the light, hath few Knots in it, & then by the sides of the white lines in it the paper will appear browner & Yellower then in other parts The french a Closer wrought paper then the Dutch, which is a Soft Spungy Sort to that, & Yo u may in Some measure Know the Dutch paper that is made of Salt= water by putting your tongue to it & you may plainly tast the Saltiness of it/
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