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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 17
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FSL collection
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17) Golden transparent wax Rx of clarifyed rozin ℥4. turpentine ℥ii. beeswax ℥4. oyl olive. ℥ii. melt them together & scatter scatter in the melting them leafe gold, so let them mix & when made into form, polish it over. Perfumed wax. Mix the oyl olive with musk or ambergreece or what other perfume you please. Pen to make. If your quill be hard & thick, scrape it with the back of your penknife, then wett it with spittle & roul it in the scrapings & they will stick to it, then with your coat rub it bright, so make a slitt in your quill & shape it into a pen. Observe the softer your quill, the shorter the slitt must be. Be sure your slitt be clear, if not scrape it, & hold your left thumb nail so far as you would have the slitt, & it will goe just so far. The harder the quills the clearer the slitt will be. To Harden Quills. If your quill is soft, put it into hot ashes, stirring them till 'tis as soft as may be, & when it is cold, it will harden. Boyl water & allom, & while it is boiling dip the hard ends of the quills in it for a minute, then lay them by & this will harden them. To colour Quills Red or Yellow. Rx powder'd allom ℥ss. vermilion & fine scraping of brazil wood each ℥i. boyl them in a pint of vinegar, till 'tis thickish, then strain it & put it into a narrow deep thing & sett it over the fire & while 'tis boiling dip the quills therein & hold them till they colour; & so to colour them yellow instead of vermillion & brazil put in 3 pence worth of saffron & ℥i of turmerick. Idem pag. 63. To take Ink out of Clothes. Wash the clothes in the sharpest vinegar, & presse & rub them well in your hands; then wash them in water & soap, & you will find the benefit.
Transcriptions made by Shakespeare's World volunteers (, participants in EMROC classes and transcribathons (, participants in Folger paleography classes and transcribathons, and Folger docents.