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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 18
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FSL collection
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18) Black Ink Rx. 5. pints of rain water ^& put into a pott with ℥iii. of gum arabick beaten, stir it with a stick once or twice a day, & when the gum is dissolved pvt to it of beaten galls. ℥vi. green copperis ℥i. allom and q uar ter of an ounce, so stir them well togethe r , & keep it for your use & from frost. othe r s mix the quantities of all the se ingredients & boil them togethe r till well incorporated, so put them in a vessel & keep them for use. Red Ink. Rx brazil powd e r ℥i. white lead & allom each ℥ʒii. gum arabick ℈viii: urine one pint, shake them well togethe r . or Gum Arabick water mix'd with vermillion will serve for a red. Yellow Ink. Rx a little Gum arabick & dissolve it in water, & put a little saffron or a little turmerick to it, so stir them well togethe r for use. London black Powder Ink. Rx of nutt galls. ℥x. bruise them well, roman vitriol ℥ xxx. gum arabick & roch allom each ℥i. make them into a fine powder & dry them ; so putt the powd e r into boxes for your use; & when you make it, put a little powd e r into a good quantity of water & shake it well, & in an hour 'tis made. Idem pag. 64. Shining Iapan Ink. Rx gum arabick & roman vitriol each ℥i. galls well bruised ll. i. put them into small beer, or vinegar that is clear, keep it in a warm place, often stirring it till 'tis black, then add to a gallon of it of ivory black ℥ i. a quarter of a pint of seed lac varnish, & it will be a fine black. Red Soft wax. Rx vermillion ll. i. or red lead for a courser red, common oyl ll. i. bees wax ll.xx. rozin. ll .x. so work them well together.
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