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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 23
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FSL collection
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23. For an ashma or Ptisick. M r Arnold. Rx 6 pippins pare them & quarter them, powder of Liquorice 1 d worth, Elecampane root 1 d worth. Scrapt clean & sliced very thin, of the best honey To make Good Ink (my mothers receipt.) Take of the best Gum Sennega (or Gum arraback 5 onces, the best blew Galls 5 onces & half, pound the Galls into Gross powder. 3 onces & half of Green Copperice 2 quarts or better of ^rain or river water, put the Galls into most of the water into an Earthen Glazed Iar, & put the Gum at the same time into the rest of the water in a Gally pot or China bason & cover it, stir the Gum once or twice a day till it is well dissolved, then put the Gum to the Galls & mix them well with a stick & let them stand 3 or 4 days, then put in the Coppirice & let the pitcher stand in the Sun a Month or 6 weeks, stirring it always once a day at least, but keep it still coverd, at the Month or 6 weeks End, if you find the ingredients well wasted, & the Ink of a good Color, you may strain it as fine as you will, So Keep it in bottles for Use. You may shake the bottles now & then, especi ally in summer time, because tis apt to Movld. You may put half white wine & half water if you will, but I never did. I think 3 onces or 4 of gum sufficient & I wash the bottles with a little Course brandy. The Ingredients Cost ab ou t 9 pince .
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