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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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signature tipped in, paginated separately before final pagination
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 48 (page 22)
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FSL collection
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48. An Excellent Writing Ink :/ Ignot Rx Gum arabick three Ounces, Vitriol two - ? Ounces, Galls three Ounces, White wine two pou nd and a half, beat the Gall, put them with the Wi ne into an Earthen Vessell, sett it in the sunn for Six dayes, stirring them every day twice or thrice then sett it over a moderate heat for half a day or a day, . a day, then strain it; then having dissolved som e Vitriol and Gum in a little Wine, put it into it, then sett it in the sunn three days more, and it is made; to keep it from friezing, put into i t a little Aqua Vitæ. To Clean Silver Rx the ashes of wheatstraw burnt, and rub your silver with it. To take Spots &c. out of Writing paper or Parchment Rx half an ounce of Roach Allom burnt, flow e r of Brimstone a like quantity, powder these well
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