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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 52
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FSL collection
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52. To make Pounce. Take Gum Sandrick (from the Apothecarys) as much as you please, beat it very fine & that is your pounce/ To make red Ink. M r Iermin An ounce of virmilion to q uar ter of a pint of Gum water, not too strong, put it into a Gallipot with a little Cotton for Use To make red Ink M r Lea An ounce of the best virmilion wash it in several waters stirring it up & down with a stick & so shift it out of one Cup into another & in the bottom of the Cup will be a gritty matter (brick dust or like) which wash away. So pour the red water with the pure virmilion into a bottle & let it stand 3 or 4 hours & the virmilion will settle at bottom So you may pour of as much of the clear water as you please till you leave ab ou t a q uar ter of a pint & put to it as allom & gum Arabic each the quantity of a hazel nut into the bottle & shake it when you use it/
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