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Miscellaneous receipts [manuscript].
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bulk: 1709-1727?
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page 53
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FSL collection
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53. To take the blotts of Ink out of paper or writing M r Lea. Rx a peice of paper & wett it w it h fair water & pvt it on a board & lay upon it the paper out of which you w oul d take the blot & take a feather wett it w it h fair water (but try if it will not do better with ou t wetting it at first/ then take another feather & dip it in aqua fortis or spirit of vitriol (I tryed it w it h the former) & stroke the blot over two or 3 times & presently after stroke it over again with the feather & fairwater, otherwise the aqua fortis will burn & rot the paper, So do it with the aqua fortis again & then with the water feather again & you will find the effect of it presently, & if you wash the paper with allom water you may write on it again when dry if there be occasion /
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