Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript], 1672.

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Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript], 1672.
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Hall, Constance, fl. 1672.
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page 20 verso || page 21 recto
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FSL collection
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lett it stand an hower in the intrine prepaire your papers thus to bake it in the botome papers must bee sheet of browne & white paper that which goeth round about the Cake must be duble white of A yard & half long & halfe quarter & naile depe when you have sewd your papers to geather in A round forme to the botome soe high as you intende the Cake shall Come then with A spone put your Kake into this Coffin & soe into the oven and their lett it stand 3 quarters of an hower then draw it & Ice it thick over and soe sett it in againe & lett it stand A quarter of and hower then draw it and when it is Cold pull of the papers./ How to bake the Above named Cake Your Oven must be heated as it is for white small loves of Bread & before you sett it in you must sweepe the oven & sett vp the stoue halfe A quarter of an hower or Else it will Crack the Cake./ you must be shewer to butter the inside of your papers befor you putt your Cake in that they may Come of without sticking./ 21r 21 To make A Lumbard PyeSecend Cource Take A Couple of two peney loves grate them very well take halfe A pound of Currans three kidnes of veale or for want of them the flesh of pullett Capon turkey or rabitt Chopt it very small mix it well togeather season it well with Cloves- mase and A little Salt worke it up very well with A pint of Sack the yoaks of fower Eggs A glass of Roas watter sweeten it well with-- shuger make it up in Round balls Rais your Coffin lay it well in the bottom with sweet butter Lay them in your Coffin take halfe A pound of marrow and put in with them take halfe A pound of Canded leamond oringe peale Ringoe Roots & dryed dates lay them all in slices & peeces in your quarters whear you see Coveniant take likewise halfe A pound of preserved pearkes & Aprecocks and doe the like Bake it & take halfe A pint of sacke for the makeing your Caudle the yoaks of two Eggs sweeten it well with shuger A peece of sweet Butter thicken it very well over the fier put it into your pye when it Coves out of the oven & soe serve it in/
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