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Cookbook [manuscript].
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part 1
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ca. 1706
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page 460
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FSL collection
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460 any thinn cloath with the galls and salt and some very strong piss the same being made warm with a double quantity of Water being Well broken and Wrought with ones hand all to gither let their be such a quantity of all as wett the whell bed and pose it a litle then wash it for cleansing but let the Water be hotter than to break the Soap for too hot watter harms it reseve as much of your first liquor that yow mixt as yow as yow may put in a litle to every cleang= ing of Water then if any of the collour shall go into the whyte be not fearfull to Wash it or lay it to blanch with the covering side upmost lest the sun stain it but morning and evening lay it's right side upmost it will both be very Whyte and Intire in it's collour if it were never so often Washed as I am Informed Directions for takeing out ink or other Maills of Linen Take Wins stone and beat it small and put it into Water with as much alum as yow take of Wins -stone tuo ounce of each will serve six ells of Linnen set it on the fire till all be Melted and neer the boyling so put in your linnens and let them boyle frequently stirring it about till yow see all the meals come come out after Wash them with a litle soap
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