Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Receipt book of Catherine Bacon [manuscript].

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Receipt book of Catherine Bacon [manuscript].
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Part I. When reading Part I, Part II is inverted and reversed.
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Bacon, Catherine, 1660-1757, author.
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[ca. 1680s-1739]
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page 170
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FSL collection
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170) The best Aqua Mariæ Take 2 drams of yellow Saunders very thin flited or raced the which infuse for the Space of 24 houres in a quart of Aqua Cælestis then take one pound of fine Sugar and half a pint of Canary wine with a quarter of a pint of rose water the which after a little boyleing to desolve the Sugar take it off and mingle it with the Aqua Cælestis infused being Strained from the Saunders then take 18 grams of musk and as much Am for with 15 grains of Saffron tye those in a knot with Sarcenet and with a String ty it as deep as you think good fastning the String to the mouth of the glass and so keep it. Aqua Boanagi Take parsley Saxifrage pellitory of the wall mother of thime of each a good handfull of Rhadish roots 4 ounces milk 8 pints lett those distill a day and a night then distill it with a mean fire. A Purging Medicine Take Senna half an ounce tamarinds one quarter of an ounce rhuburb one dramme Aggrick 20 graines Anniseeds a quarter of an ounce parsley and ffennell roots boyle all these in white wine and water about 12 ounces till one half be consumed The Spirit of Castor Take one ounce of valerian roots the less of piony roots half an ounce Cut them very small and thin haveing first been washed then put them into a square glass with a large glass mouth and infuse them with a pint and half of the best Spirit of wine for the Space of 8 or so daies then add to that infusion 2 ounces of Castor well picked and of the Strongest and lett it infuse a week or 2 longer or otherwise as you vse it soe strain it The epelepticall Iulip The Spirit of Castor being thus prepared take one ounce desolve with it half an ounce of Syrop called de Stechad & 2 ounces of rose marry flower water lett this be used by a Spoonfull at a time in the morning and goeing to Bed;
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