Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript].

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Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript].
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pages 27-36 missing
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Grenville family.
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ca. 1640-ca. 1750
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page 26 || page 37
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FSL collection
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(26) To stew a Calues Head Take a calues head let it bee halfe boiled, then cut it in pieces, and season it with nutmeg, and salt; stew it with a quart of wine put to it two onions cut in quarters - with a good quantity of samper, and a small bundle. of sweet hearbes, let this stew altogether till you thinke they bee almost enough, then take a pint and a halfe - of oysters, put away some of the liquor from them, & season it with a little wine large mace, salt and an onion set them ouer the fire to take the Rawnes from them. then put them to the other things with some of the liquor, and a piece of sweet butter, take a red Cabage boile it in water and salt, with the bones of 4. or 5 - anchoues, when it is boiled enough take it vp & cut itt into quarters, and lay it about the dish. if you please you may put in the Iuice of a leamon. - To make a Pye. Take a handfull of spinage another of lettuce; al= =most as much of sorrill, as both the other, parsely, and - sweet hearbes a top or two, when you haue washed - them, cut them a little, put them Into your paste with butter suger, and a little nutmeg. any frui[t] that the season of the yeare will afford some little pieces of flesh as yeale mutton or lambe. when it is baked put in a little white wine, or sacke and Butter. &C= page 37 (37) Bottle, and set them vpon soft embers and let them boile - leisurely the spare of two howers, then take them off, and set your bottle by, for a day, and a night, then straine it out [fr] from the spice, and put it into your Bottle againe, then take a pound of browne sugercandy bruise it and put it in, and 6 graines of muske tied in a linnen rag, and soe put it into the bottle, and thus you may keepe it all the yeare; =//=//=//= To make Cynamon Water. Take fower gallons of canary sack, and halfe a bushell of Damaske roses buds, and a pound of burrage flowers, a quarter of a pound of rosemary Flowers, two pounds of rei= =sins of the Sunne stoned, two pound of cynamon, steepe all, these in your sacke, and distill them in a limbecke, in the put that it runs into put a pound of white suger candy broken into peices as big as a nutmeg, and a pint and a, halfe of Iuice of pippins. To make a pretious drinke good for the wind in the stomacke, or to bring off any meat or drinke that lieth upon the stomacke. Take two quarts of small aquavita and put into it cowslipp flowers, sage, rosemary Flowers, and sweet marioram of each a pretty handfull, of pellitory of the wall a little, cynamon and nutmegs of each halfe an ounce, fennell seedes, annis seedes, - corriander seedes, carroway seedes, grumwall seedes, and Iuniper. Berries of each a dram, bruise your spices, and your seedes seuerally a handfull of reisins of the sun stoned, and 2. or 3 figs sliced, put all these into a wide mouth'd glasse, then set it 20 daies in the sun, and stirre itt - euery day with a little sticke, then straine it out and put therein halfe a pound of fine suger and let it stand in the sun till the suger bee melted, stirring it about sometimes.
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