Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript].

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Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript].
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Grenville family.
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ca. 1640-ca. 1750
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page 38 || page 39
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FSL collection
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(38) To make Sirrup of Vinegre= Dissolue a quarter of a pound of suger in 6 spoonesfull of Rose water, and a quarter of a pint of wine vinegre, and Boile itt to a sirrup. The manner of distilling a water of honey. =//= Take two pound of the purest white honey being both - cleare, and pleasant in taste, which put into a body of glasse being soe big as 4 of the 5 parts may remaine empty the same past strongly aboue settling the head after on itt and a receiuer aptly to the nose of the still when you haue thus done then make a gentle fire vnder itt att the first but after increase the fire to heat more - and more, vntill certaine white smoake appeare in the head of the glasse body which manly coole.-- and turne it into water by wetting of linnen clothes in cold water, and lay on the head and nose towards the - Receuer, for that turneth into water as red as bloud, and being all come put it into another glasse stoping the mouth close, which let stand soe long vntill the water become very cleare, and in coulor like to Rubie, now it being on this wise as aforesaid distill the same againe in Balmeo maria, and soe often repeat this vntill you haue distilled itt Six, or Seuen times ouer that the coulor bee changed- and in the end be like to the coulor of gold, which then is most pleasant of sauor, and soe sweet that nothing may bee compared like to it in fragrantnes of smell, itt doth dissolue gold, and prepareth it to drinke, itt is alsoe very comfortable to all those that are apt to have swoun= ding= page 39 (39) swounding fitts, and are vsed to faintings in the stomacke, in giuing to any one two or 3. drams to drinke, likewise if you wash an wound or stripe with this water it doth in, small heale the same; this pretious water doth mar= =velously helpe the cough, the Rheume the desease of the Spleene, and many other deseases scarce to be beleiued; - This water was administred, to a person sicke of the palsie for the space of 46. daies, and hee was by the mightie helpe of god, and this miraculous water, throughly healed of his desease, alsoe this helpeth the falling sicknes, and preser= =ueth the body from putrifying, soe that by all these wee may learne that this is as it were a diuine water from heauen, and sent from God to serue vnto all ages.--- To preserue Walnutts. Take some walnuts about the latter end of Iune or the beginning of Iuly when the shells are like a Ielly or - before they bee tuffe then pare the vpper thin skinne off like an apple, and make a hole with a Bodkin through euery one of them, put them in water and shift them twice a day for 4 daies, then boile them till a rush or straw wild goe through them, Then way them, and take as much - suger as they way, and put as much water as will make itt a sirrup, and when they suger is melted put in your walnuts, and for halfe a pecke of walnuts you may allow halfe an ounce of cloues, an ounce of cinamon, and halfe an ounce of ginger, or els butt a quarter of each, boile alto= gether till the walnuts bee prety tender, then take out the walnuts and boil the sirrup as for other things = = = = =
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