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Cookery and medicinal recipes of the Granville family [manuscript].
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Grenville family.
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ca. 1640-ca. 1750
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page 44 || page 45
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FSL collection
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(44) An Ointment for the Rickets Take a pound of fresh butter well beaten, or washed out of the Chirne, clarify it, and take two handfulls of woodrose or spurrey, shread itt very small and boile it with the Butter a good while leisurely, and when you vse itt haue a care the child take noe cold; annoint the Breast and belly of the child, spreading the breast and stroaking downe the Belly; keepe the child warmer those dayes you annoint him, then att other times./ To make Ielley of Calues Feete Take two pair of calues Feete, open them and take out the knott of fat in the middle of them, then boile them in two gallons of water vntill it come to a pottle, keeping it cleane scum'd all the while, Then let it stand till it bee cold, and take off the fat, put to this one pint of sack, one pint of white wine, coriander seedes, nutmegs, ginger, cynamon, mace, Rosewater, and suger, to your taste; put in these ingredientes when itt is cold, then let it boile on the Fire, and cleanse it through a Ielly bagge, till it bee cleare enough, you may ad Iuice of leamons if you please, and itt will tast the quicker. = page 45 (45) To make a thicke creame: Bring 2. or 3. Cowes according to the quantity - you will make as neare the place you set your creame in as may bee, and milke them with all the speed - that you can, soe that the milke may bee strained as hot as possible you can into the pans, for the warme = =nesse of the milke from the cow is the reason of the thicknes of the creame, soe lett it stand 24 howers if you thinke it will keepe noe longer sweete, and then take itt vp as thick as the creame will afford; & you will find it a very thick creame, and cleane another Taste if you exactly obserue the Rule - To make a Friccacee of Veale. Take a Breast of Veale, cutt itt in small pieces and lay it in water a quarter of an hower to make itt white after that take a skillet and put in a pint of clarrett wine, and a pint of water, and a whole leamon after you haue taken away the pill of itt and put in salt, and when this boiles, put in your meat skum itt often, then put in a quarter of a pound of Butter, then take 12 cloues, halfe a nutmeg, and 2 or 3 blades of mace, and a little pepper, and beat all these together, and put them into the skillet, if this bee too much spice you may put in according to your liking; alsoe put in a few sweet hearbes, then take 6. yolkes of egs, the Iuice of a leamon and one orange, & a little of your broth beat all these in a porringer take off from the fire your skillet, & put in these, then take it vp and serue itt in. =
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