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Cookbook of Ann Smith [manuscript].
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Smith, Ann, fl. 1698.
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folio 12 verso || folio 13 recto
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FSL collection
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To rise one houre by the fire then strew into itt oneli of Double Refined sugar Beaten & searched & 2 ounce symbol of Carraway seeds make itt vp quick or if you will Instead of sugar you may putt in 1li of sugar Carraway or 1/2 on & 1/2 the other Doth very well Butter the paper you putt vnder: one houre & 1/4 will bake itt you may Ice itt if you please 22 To Make Wiggs Take one pottle of fine flower & rubb in itt 1li of Butter wett itt with one pint of Ale yeast if itt will nott Doe putt in one or 2 spoonfulls of water then rowle in 1/2li of Carraway Comfitts 23 To Make A Plaine Cake To one peck of flower 5li of Butter 1/2 melted & 1/2 Rubed in 3 pints of new ale yeast & 26 Eggs the whites outt 3 pints of milke heated hott 1 ounce symbol of Cloves mace & Cinamon nutmegg Dryed & beaten very small 6li of the best Carraway Comfitts & 1li of Colliander seeds & 4 ounce symbol of Citterne Cutt them 6 ounce symbol of Apricock slips 1/2 Doz heart Cakes grated in 2li of sugar beat small mixt in, Ice itt as the Plumbe Cake folio 13 recto 13 24 To Make A Plumbe Cake To one peck of flower 4li of Butter rub & Dry 1 quarter of new Ale yeast 16 Eggs 1/2 of the whites cutt 10li of Currants 2li of Raisons stoned and Cutt small 2li of Almonds Blanched and Beaten 6 ounce symbol of Citterne Cutt thinn & small mix in itt 4 ounce symbol of Apricocks Chips 1 ounce symbol 1/2 of nutmeggs Cloves & mace & Cinamon 4 grains of Amber and musk mixtt one quarte of Creame or else one quarte of new milke heated hott & 1li of sugar when your Currants are well washd & Dryed putt them in A greatt pueter Dish vpon A Chaffin dish of Coale then take the best parte of A pinte of sack & putt in by Degreess and keep them very well stirring till they are well plumptt & very hott soe mix it in the parte & Knead itt very soft then putt itt into A hoope & soe into the Oven: Take the white of 4 eggs & beate them till they be in A froth & 1/2li of pure Loafe sugar beaten small and sifted through A fine seive take some Rose water & stirr thatt & the beaten whites of eggs & some sugar & mix itt thick & take A Bunch of strong feathers x wash itt with itt & thatt ywill make itt a very good Ice so putt itt into the Oven againe
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