Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript], 1672.

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Cookbook of Constance Hall [manuscript], 1672.
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Hall, Constance, fl. 1672.
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page 60 verso || page 61 recto
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FSL collection
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treacle blood warme and mix it together, and if it be not enough you may put a little warm milke to make it tender, let it ly by the fire a quarter of an hour before you put it into the pans and if you please to put any sweet =meats into it let it be done but iust before it is put into the oven, it requirs more bake =ing than cake./ For a Consumption Take comfrey roots dryed, and marsh mallow roots dryed of each three ounces scorcenero roots two ounces canded eringo roots two ounces, cut all the roots in little slices, then mix alltogether very well and devide them into ten parcells an ounce in a parcell, put one parcell into three pints of spring water then let them boyle a very little while over a gentle fire after that add a pint of milk and let it boyle till it come to a quart, every morning fasting take half a pint, and as much at five in the afternoon, it must be made blood warm when it is drank 61r 61 and when all the ingredients are gone it must be renew'd. I have heard this receipt has done wonderfull cures. For a violent Cough Take common honey four ounces, oxcemells= quills four drams, flower of brimstone three drams, powder of Liquorish two drams with as much syrup of grownd ivey as will make into an electuary, a grown person may must take as much as a walnut in a morning fasting, and a child as much as a nutmeg. Another receipt for a consumption that has don great cures./ Take the gall of a sucking pig and half the lights beat it in a stone morter till it is well incorporated, take as much as a large nutmeg in a morning fasting and drink a larg draught of cock broth after it made of harts horn[e] and french barley the receipt must be renew'd every three days this was sent out of Holland for an extraordinary secret.
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