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Cookbook of Ann Smith [manuscript].
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Smith, Ann, fl. 1698.
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folio 38 verso || folio 39 recto
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FSL collection
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To Preserve any Kinde of Black Plumbs Take your Plumbs & wipe them verye clean Then weigh & to every li of Plumbs take 1li of sugar slite your plumbs & putt some sugar in A skillett & Lay your plumbs in one by one in the skillett with the slite side Downward & putt in 5 or 6 spoonfulls of water & Cover them with some sugar Butt Keep some of the sugar till the other be melted then sett your skillett on the fire & Lett itt melt very softly & when it is melted take them vp & turne the slitt side vpermost putt in the rest of the sugar sett them on the fire & Bole them till the sirrup be Thick thatt itt will hang vpon A spoone To Make Cleare Cakes of Damso=ns Or any other Fruite First stone them & putt Them in A stone pot & sett it in A Chafer of water to boyle & as your sirrup Risess on the Top take itt off into A Cleane pann then weigh your sugar & to 1li of sugar one pinte of sirrup then putt in as much water as will wett your sugar & boyle folio 39 recto 34 itt to A sirrup againe then putt your sirrup to itt & Lett itt warme on A Chaffindish of Coales Butt not Boyle till itt be Thick enough to hang on A spoone you must not Leave stirring itt nor you must not Lett it Boyle for then they will nott Candy on the Top you may putt it into Little glasess & sett it in A warme place & when they are Canded on the one side you may turne them often vntill they be Dry enough To Make Marmalett of Cherries Take 20 or 12li of Cherries stone the Best of them into A Preserving pann Keep all the iuce with them & Boyle them on a good Charcoale fire as fast as you can shaking & scumming of them & when itt grows Thick stirr itt Continually thatt it burnes nott when all the iuce is Boyled Dry that itt Comes Cleane from the Bottome of the pann Take itt vp & weigh itt in Glasess & to every li of Cherries take 1li 1/2 of fine Loafe sugar & putt in as much water as will Iust wett itt then Boyle itt to a sirrup then putt in your Cherries to itt & Lett itt mingle very well on A gentle fire when it is well mingled Lett itt Boyle very fast Keeping it stirring till it Comes Cleane from the Bottome of the pann then take itt from the fire & Lett itt Coole A Little then putt itt in the Glasess & Lett itt stand 2 Days in A warme place or Roome
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