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Cookbook of Ann Smith [manuscript].
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Smith, Ann, fl. 1698.
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folio 56 verso || folio 57 recto
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FSL collection
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And Lay them on a seive till they be Cold turne them vpon fresh seives every Day till you finde them Dry enough This is the Cheapest & the best way thatt Ever I Could finde to Doe them & will Keep all the yeare To Make A Dish of ferret Lamb Take A Legg of Lamb & Cutt of all the flesh from the skinn & take oneli of Beefe suett & shread itt with your meat very small & then stamp itt in a mortar with some sweet herbs & season itt with pepper nutmeggs Cloves & mace & salt then worke itt with your hands & putt to itt one egg & after you have so Don putt itt into the skinn againe & sew it vp with A needle & Threed & putt it into an Earthen pann & bake itt & make A Frigosie of the Loyn & putt to itt folio 57 recto 57 To Make An Almond Pudding Take one quarter of milke & 2 penney white Loaves grate them small & put it in & sett your milke over the fire & when it is boyled putt in oneli of Beefe suett shreed small Take 4 eggs & take outt 1/2 the whites & beat them very well & mix them altogether with a Little sugar & nutmegg & putt itt in A Dish & Bake itt very well To Make A Pippin Pudding Take one Doz of pippins & Quodle them soft then take the papp & beate it in a mortar Take one Doz of eggs & putt in butter 1/2 the whites mix your Appells & your eggs together with a Little nutmegg melt 1/4li of Butter mix it well together Putt itt in A Dish & Bake itt well To Make Paste Royall Take 1/2 peck of fine flower & 6 eggs 4li of Butter brooke in small peiceiss putt in one Gill of Rose water & 1 pinte of sack & a Little sugar & what you need of spring water worke altogether butt take heed you make itt nott to stiff This is for a made Dish
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