Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1625-ca. 1725
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folio 18 verso || folio 19 recto
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FSL collection
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a pinte and a quarter of water, then breake your sugar in peeces, and out it in the panne that yow would do them in and set it over the fire to melt and when it seethes then scumme it cleane and put in your quinces & let them seeth a good round pace vncovered till they beginne to chang theire collour and then cover them with a dish till they be a deepe Cornacion and then take some Barberries and set them before the fire vntill they somewhat soft then straine the ioice of them forth, and put so much therof to the quinces as will collour them of that deepnes that yow will haue them of, yow must not put in your Barberries till the quinces be all ready To preserue Barberries : Take barberries and picke them and set them by the fyre till they be hot throughly, then bruise them with a spoone & straine them, then take the ioice and weigh it with as much sugar then take the whole Barberries & folio 19 recto 19 and weigh them likewise with as much sugar as they weigh then take as much water as will wett it and sett it on the fire till they bee boiled, verie throughly then put in your ioice and stirr it togeather then put in your Barberries and let them stand on the fire for an howre but let them not boile and keepe them downe vnder the sirrupp with a spoone so donne take them off the fire and the next day put them vpp in boxes and as yow make the sirrupp so make the Conserues To make Marmalett of Damsons or other plumbes Set on your Damsons in a posnett or platter and sett them in embers not too hot so that the cleare ioyce may come out and put it into a dish and when yow haue as much as will serue your turne weigh it & take as much sugar as the ioyce weigheth and,
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