Detail View: LUNA: Folger Manuscript Transcriptions Collection: Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].

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Medicinal and cookery recipes [manuscript].
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compiled ca. 1625-ca. 1725
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folio 27 verso || folio 28 recto
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FSL collection
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wyne: capers, sampher, dates, sugar, lardge mace and a peece of butter so serue it: To make redd Deare: Take the buttocks therof and parboile it take ginger pepper salt a little cloves & mace and synamon to season it then in larde with the fatt of a chine: To make Neates tongue pye Powder the neats tongue a weeke before then boile them and blanch them & season them with pepper salt and sticke them with cloues: To make a Turkey pye: Bone your Turcky and parboile him then season him with pepper, salt a little cloues and mace and sticke them with cloues: To boile Chickins: Boile them in faire water and salt, and for the sawce of them boile varges, sugar and parsly and gooseberries togeather with a good peece of butter and spippetts of bread: folio 28 recto 28 To make Iomboles: Take 5 yoalkes of eggs beat them with halfe a pint of sacke as yow do a cawdle, then take a pound of sugar and two or three spoonefulls of Caraway seede and beat them togeather then put in a quart of flower or somewhat more and stirr it togeather till it be paste To make short Cakes Take 8 yoalkes of eggs and beate them then take a pound of sugar and a quart of flower and a pinte of clowted creame or els butter and a little mace mingle all this togeather till it be paste and so make your cakes, but let not your oven bee too hott because your cakes bee but thinne To make the golden salve : Take fresh butter wax and good rosen of each halfe a
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